Covering your windows with intelligent solutions at a cost effective price, that's Designer Shades the home of Exceptional Shades for Exceptional People.

Upgrade Program for Condominiums
At selected buildings you can pre-order your window coverings! Imagine, You move into your suite and it is done. No six week waiting period. We'll even give you approximate sizes so you can validate our claims. Even if your developer is not participating in our program *We can still accommodate you.

Custom Homes
Large homes have enough windows to allow for commercial purchasing of window coverings. Designer Shades provides economies of scale right down to your home. Plantation Shutters and Wood blinds are a valuable addition to any home. Let our firm save you thousands of dollars.

Institutional Buyers
Our firm has supplied many local and federal as well as municipal levels of Government. We welcome calls from schools, hospitals etc.

Unusual Windows
One hesitates to say we've seen it all but after 20 years we usually have a solution for your round or skylight window. And yes we can save you thousands over the cost of some expensive solutions.

Suppliers to the Design Industry
Our Client list includes many of the Design firms in Toronto, including, Scassarra Meschino, John Stevenson, Mayhew + Associates, McWatt and Associates, Quadrangle, HOK, Nowski Partners, Anthony Baldassarra, Kearns Mancini, Lazlo Nemeth, Akitt and Swanson, Stone and Kohn, Bernard Rasch, Dirmot Sweeny, A. J. Diamond, Fliess Gates McGowan Easton , and more.

*Where Available.

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